Her story

There was once a girl, who had her heart broken..she tried to open her heart again, but imagine walking with injured feetyou can walk but you cant walk far...
This girl, she never stop tryingnever would she imagine, trying means getting her heart broken again and again...
time heal they saybut those scar is still there.not visible to see, but deep enough to feel the existence
she laugh and appear toughbut it is hard to keep her sane intact...
It is not love that she is afraid of,but instead she is afraid of her own-selves 
God is the best planner - she believe in that,and to that, with heart full of wound and broken pieces, she will continue praying that her heart will not be broken again. 

The change point

Life has its own mystery way of taking care of us. 
Some may call it fate (taqdir) but most of the time, it is us who shape our own future. Say for example, when you were stuck between two (or more) options, who make you do what you end up doing? --- It is you. 
Of course there would be external factor such as sign from God, advice from friends, families, colleague etc. but the decision is made by you and you yourself who get it going. 

So when something went wrong, ask yourself who is responsible for it before you start pointing finger to others. 

Recently, I came to a point where I was given an option - to stay or to change. I choose the later thou I feel the I can explore (and even earn) more if I decided to stay. 

I write this today to remind my future self these are the reason I choose to change: 
1. I don't want to live with 'what if' question lingering my thought;
2. I would like to challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone and try something new;
3. I want to improve …

Jogjakarta: Day 3 & 4

2nd day kita start awal sikit jam 7am Pak Arep sampai sebab nak gi Gunung Merapi. Kalau gi lewat2, dah panas tak best. 

8am sampai Merapi. Entrance fees vehicle + 4 pax 17,000 IDR. Pak Arep terus bawak kitaorang pi salah satu travel agency kat sana. Price wise lebih kurang sama je kot tak sure. Kitaorang tak survey pun sebab memang dah ada target price (budget tight uolls). 

Jeep punya charge bergantung pada jenis pakej. Paling murah 350,000 IDR untuk pakej basic. Ada 2,3 jenis pakej lagi. Pakej sunset pun ada. 

Kitaorang ofkos amik yang paling murah sebab pakej tu sekejap je 1-2 jam gitu.

Satu jeep boleh muat 5 orang (depends pada size) termasuk pak supir. 
By the way, ni lah kereta kami for 2 days. Suzuki apetah. hahaha... 6seaters so tolak Pak Arep, boleh muat 5 orang je. 6 orang je seat tengah tu cam besar tapi tak selesa sebab perjalanan jauh...

First stop... Gambar lompat2 dah upload kat IG so kat sini upload gambar gunung ajela. hehehe..

2nd stop adalah museum. Museum ni simple aje se…